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Roulette is arguably the most popular classic table game in every casino; perhaps there is a designated space for roulette tables in land casinos. Similarly, online casinos also encash the global recognition this game has gained in its history of hundreds of years. There are many theories to win at a roulette table, online or offline, along with various advisories about which roulette variant to choose. Actually, when we play roulette online and when we play it on a physical table, are two completely different aspects, moreover, winning chances on both these variants also vary significantly. Many will argue that chances of winning are always equal whether you play it online or offline coz number of slots are same along with colors, but here is a catch, that is, offline roulette game works cent percent on a probability factor where hitting a red color slot is as much likely as hitting a black color slot, whether you are spinning your first roll or 100th one. You can say; there is no record of previous results which could affect future outcomes in offline roulette.

But when we play a roulette game online, behind the scene working of roulette algorithm is much different. Here, there is no physical wheel or actual rolling of ball. What happens is a random generated number calculates where ball will stop and where it will not. However, one of the serious flaws of RNG is that it remembers what it has displayed earlier, which means if first ten rolls’ result is a red slot, there is a high possibility that next ball will land on a black slot. It is possible though that ball still lands on the red slots for next 100 rolls, but the chances of hitting a black slot will be higher until there is back slot’s hit.

This is something that is contradictory to offline roulette games, coz there, chances of hitting red or black slot remains the same no matter how many spins you have spun or not. This theory looks to be non-acceptable by many, who know RNG well, but this is true coz RNG are so designed to avoid any prediction, and if RNG results become unbiased to such likelihood, they would become more vulnerable. This weakness is more exposed in roulette game rather other online casino games; hence, many experienced online gamblers are using it as their guide whenever they plan a longer roulette session online.

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